Week Two: Bacony Braised Bok Choy

Bok Choy has been making regular appearances at our farmer’s truck. As such, we decided to find something fun (apart from stir-fry) to do with it.



Enter bacon. (Bacon = FUN)




I threw together a little braise concoction….(apparently bok choy is always ‘asian’ in my mind, because tamari, sesame, garlic and ginger were the backbone of this one. I’ll work on freeing bok choy from these ethnic stereotypes in the future.)




After creating said stereotyping sauce, one should  place the beautifully organic boy choy and carrots, cut side down on the bacon grease and let them sizzle in those saturated fats for a while.




Then flip them, and add braising liquid, which will bubble and thicken into something you want to pour on top of your veggies……



….along with bacon pieces and coarsely crushed almonds until the vegetables are unrecognizable and hiding under a blanket of highly caloric and only marginally healthful meat, and Omega3’s….




And then serve it alongside a beautiful, whole fish that your urban family member made in preparation for ITALY THIS SUMMER!!!! (We’re expecting many an opportunity to cook a whole fish, so are refining our skills now.)




And then, in a slight wine haze, think about that fish’s opaque eyeball maybe a little more than one should. Until next week, friends…



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