Week Six: Basil Four Ways

This week we received a half pound of basil. That’s quite the load of basil, even for the most ardent pesto-lover (there remains some in my freezer from last year). And I, unlike my uber-generous family member, Jeff, refuse to give away any of my daily pick-up, most especially, items like basil. So….we have basil four ways.

1. Traditional Pesto: Pretty basic, basil, parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, salt.


Easily stored for later use by freezing in ice cube trays.

2. Greens Pesto: My recipe is any green mixed with any herb, garlic and olive oil (nuts are optional). This week I had kale (two ways, to be precise. haha)



With which I mixed green onion, a jalapeno, basil, olive oil, garlic and salt.


And then added it to scrambled eggs…making one of my favorite breakfasts….green eggs on (gf ) toast.


3. Caprese Salad: This is certainly an iconic summer taste for me. This weekend I had to find a way to transport it to be eaten poolside. It worked-ish.



4. White bean- Quinoa Salad: This was a “throw all of the leftovers in your refrigerator together” sort of dish that turned out well!  It’s simply cannellini beans, red quinoa, basil, parsley, peppadew peppers, green onion, carrot, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. A vegan, gf, summery salad that can sit poolside for hours without turning! (An essential requirement for our weekend.) Today I re-purposed the leftovers into lunch by placing them on a bed of lettuce and tossing some toasted nuts on top.



And that’s basil four ways. There are so many little beauties found in summer, if only we have eyes ready to see them.




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