New Beginnings

Dan and I moved last week.  Away from our urban family, out of our historic neighborhood, and to, well…not quite the suburbs.  We are still technically in the city but our proximity to the suburbs isn’t counted in miles but in blocks.  It’s all very residential and the nearest restaurants are all…chains.  Yikes.  But despite the suburbanness of it all, we are very happy with our new location.  We have lots of trees and birds (I saw a woodpecker a few days ago) and we have more space and this new apartment has great lighting at dinner time.  Here is the proof.

DSCN4277[1]Salade Niçoise, always a favorite

OK, so there was a little glare. But that darling gem of a dinner was made with our first CSA vegetables and eggs from our first seasonal trip to the farmer’s market.  It was as beautiful to eat as it looks in that photograph.  And its simple beauty, and the streaming sun, and the birds singing in the trees out our window made every bit of the dinner as joyful as any day I can remember.

Even our two year old, with rays of sunshine flowing through her hair, loved to eat it.


Here she is showing off one of her tomatoes.

The beginning of CSA season, a new home, my birthday next week, and a new baby in two months or so. Our life is full of new beginnings right now.  May they all be as full of love and happiness as this simple dinner was.


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