Urban Family Eats:  Four friends, Two CSAs, One blog.

Amanda, Dan, Rachel, Jeff.  Four people exploring life together in the urban midwest.  We live in the same apartment building and share a love of good food and good community.  Two of us are single, two are married (with child).  We’re members of two different CSAs so you can expect our posts during the growing season to be vegetable intensive.  Jeff and Amanda split their CSA share and pick up their produce at a drop off in town.  Rachel and Dan pick up their produce at a farm in city where they sometimes spend an hour or so picking beans or peas or cherry tomatoes.  Rachel and Dan have a baby, Ginny, who will start eating this summer -and she’s sure to get lots of fresh veggies!

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It refers to a type of farm that sells “shares” of its produce to members before the start of the growing season.  Members receive a portion of the produce the farm grows every week during the growing season.  (Our CSAs go early June through the end of October).  CSAs are intended to offer fiscal stability to farmers because they’re paid in advance.  If the weather is good, members share in the bumper crop.  If the weather is poor, the financial burden is spread among many people, rather than just the farmer.

Both our CSAs practice organic growing methods, though neither are USDA certified organic.


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