Saturday Refrigerator Breakfast

Sometimes you don’t eat much for dinner, and you wake up at a ridiculously early hour, famished, and not wanting to fix your hair and put on make-up so that someone else can make breakfast for you. On such days, you are relegated to refrigerator breakfast. This is one such day.

I began with some (CSA) potatoes, parboiled them for 3-ish minutes, and then tossed them with some onion, oil, cumin, salt and tajin.IMG_1271

There is a long story behind tajin….it is a spice that is unlike any other…a little spicy and a little citrusy, and I love it…especially sprinkled on corn on the cob, after mayonnaise and before cotija cheese. The Cuban method. A friend of mine, whose family lived in South America for some time uses tajin like it’s going out of style. I resisted buying it for a long period of time…mostly because the ingredient list includes several things that I am unable to pronounce. But…there’s no substitute for it. So, I use it sparingly. While visions of cancerous tumors dance in my head.

Then, I put the potatoes in the oven for a half hour at 400. Just before they were done, I added some bell pepper.IMG_1274

Next, I threw my remaining salsa from the week (about half a container), half a can of black beans and the four eggs I had in a pan together with some black pepper.


And then, combined them, with some cheese on top. All of this before 8am. I’ll be eating dinner at 3pm tonight. I’m a grandmother.IMG_1276


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