Week 11: Italian Veggies and Integration

There are some weeks when you are standing in your kitchen, post-workout, drinking red wine, and stirring a steaming pot of Italian veggies, and you find yourself wondering….”Am I an awesome version of domestic goddess? Or, am I “Ma” from Little House on the Prairie, incarnate?” This week, my friends, was one such week.

Due to an appointment with my stylist (read: hair colour girl) (a very non-“Ma” thing, by the way)…I wasn’t able to pick up our share, and thus, wasn’t able to photograph it. Nonetheless, this was a part of it:

we recieved two of everything you see here, as well as two cabbage, arugula, leaf lettuce, frisee, spicy greens, potatoes and sage.

we received two of everything you see here, as well as two cabbage, arugula, leaf lettuce, frisee, spicy greens, potatoes and sage.

It’s around Week 11 that even the most ardent veggie lover is feeling a little veggied-out…and I am in such a position this week…so I decided to turn this rainbow of delight into Italian veggies…a valued commodity in winterdom: a season we Michiganders have for eight months every year.

First, you chop everything but the greens, and toss them into a pot with olive oil, red wine and Italian spices (garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, fennel, salt and pepper).


I added some onion to the mix.

Then, toss the greens (kale, chard, and basil) in your food processor.


After blending them, add them to the pot of veggies.


I love Italian Veggies, because there are so many uses for them: Add diced tomatoes and tomato paste to create a marinara or ratatouille, use as the “veggies” on a pizza, use in lieu of spinach in a lasagna, place atop polenta, add to soup, or as a tapenade on toast, with buffalo mozzarella. The uses are endless, especially in winter, when one needs a break from potatoes and butternut squash.

Finally, place in labeled bags, and in your freezer.


This last step may make you feel especially “Ma”-esque. But during times like these it’s good to remember the words of a wise friend….it’s not about either/or….it’s not about achieving “balance” (whatever the hell that is)….it’s about being integrated. It’s about being, some days, a domestic goddess, and some days, Ma, and being ok with that. And finding someone to share your life with who is ok with that too.


4 thoughts on “Week 11: Italian Veggies and Integration

  1. Great piece! I’m reminded of a New Yorker cartoon that I clipped years ago that spoke to my girlish self who didn’t easily fit into gender types (I loved both dolls and trucks): boy and girl playing in sandbox, girl says, ” I don’t see liking trucks as a boy thing. I see it as a liking-trucks thing.” Perhaps freezing veggies could be less of a “Ma” thing and more of a liking-to-freeze-veggies thing? A subtle and somehow beautifully personal emotional shift.

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