CSA Weeks 4 & 5 -Rachel and Dan

What has been happening in the world of Dan and Rachel’s CSA?

Well, Dan ran a 5K trail race at the nature center that hosts our CSA and afterward we enjoyed a delicious new beer made with maple syrup from the center.  Beer made from the place we get our food from?  Mmm, terroir.ImageDan and our farmer, Aaron, at the start of the race

While Aaron wasn’t running, he was busy farming.

Our week 4 haul
-Garlic Scapes
-Mesculan Mix Greens

Our week 5 haul
-Garlic Scapes
-Chinese Cabbage

What did we do with all this food?  Well, unfortunately, I threw away the the frisee today, as it had become a strange limp looking plant in the bottom of our crisper drawer.  That’s what happens when not only do you not blog about your CSA share, but you also fail to make a meal plan for your CSA share.  Happily, the rest of the food is being eaten in good time.  We’ve made pizza with greens and basil, mushroom tortellini with arugula, a Scandinavian radish and cucumber salad to eat with salmon, stir-fried scallions and tofu with sesame seeds, and a stir-fry that included kohlrabi and a bunch of old bok choy that we hadn’t used up yet.

Our big food project this past week has been making strawberry jams.  Remember those strawberries we ordered a couple of weeks ago?  They came in a week and a half ago, they sat in our fridge, thank goodness we used them before they went bad.  We made three jams: good old fashioned strawberry jam, herby strawberry-lavender jam, and luscious strawberry-vanilla jam.

We ate some of the jam with ice cream tonight.  Very satisfying.


2 thoughts on “CSA Weeks 4 & 5 -Rachel and Dan

  1. Fantastic blog Amanda! There is nothing like a CSA or farmer’s market to lift one’s spirit. The rewards of reading your blog are two-fold: I am looking forward to more of your posts and recipes; and, I now realize that I can start writing about the food we eat from our garden on my blog. Anything to inspire more people to join this food movement!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Aunt Debbie! My “urban family” began this a while ago, but I’ve been delinquent with posting until now. I’m eager to read/hear about your culinary adventures! (I still remember a story you told about various types of garlic…you had me transfixed…:))

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