CSA pick up Week 2 -Dan and Rachel

I forgot to write about what we picked up last week:

-red lettuce
-radishes and greens
-turnips and greens
-bok choy

And then like very bad CSA members, we didn’t use ANY of it until Sunday, when I put some of the spinach into Dan’s Father’s Day Scrambled Eggs.  Today we ate all our radishes on butter and radish sandwiches, some with salami and some plane, all were served open-face.  All the rest of the veggies remain in our fridge.

On another note, we tried a really super heirloom bean this week -Yellow Indian Woman Beans.  By far the best textured of any beans I’ve had.  Creamy and firm at the same time.  I’m planning on buying more next time I see the bean farmer at the market.  Unfortunately, they were expensive, over $5 for a pound.  More than I want to spend for my regular bean use…though I suppose I would spend that much on meat.  That gives me something to contemplate, I suppose.

We ordered organic strawberries today -$48 a flat.  Ouch.  But, strawberries are one of the dirty dozen and it is important to me to buy organic for this crop.  We’ll make jam this week and then freeze the rest of the berries.


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